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Immersive Customer Experiences can revitalise your brand.



Omnichannel branding is headed toward AR/VR. AR/VR could add $1.5 trillion to the global economy, according to PwC. With such numbers, it's clear that a brand's capacity to digitally construct environments and experiences for customers and make them easily available via mobile will continue to shape the customer experience journey.

Brands must innovate and build consumer stickiness to avoid disruption as complex use cases emerge across industries. Many of these businesses have cost, accessibility, and expertise issues. Companies require a dependable ecosystem to supply high-end AR & VR app development services with faster time-to-market and high scalability while tackling major problems.

MERCID highly skilled AR & VR app development consultants assist firms increase their product/service value proposition with their years of experience in designing high-end AR & VR solutions. Our end-to-end Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality app development services create a surreal and immersive experience for your clients and help differentiate your business.



Product Strategy

  • Core Feature & UX Planning

  • POC Development & Testing

  • Interactivity Optimization & Artistic Direction

  • Platform & Hardware Selection

  • Talent Identification & Management


AR / VR App Development Services

  • 3D Development

  • Web/Mobile Apps

  • Backend Development

  • Web AR/VR

  • Location Based AR

  • AR Gaming Development

  • Markerless AR Apps

  • Marker Based AR Apps

  • AR Visual Presentations

  • AR Virtual Tours


Content Creation

  • Storyboarding

  • 360 Video & Imagery

  • Photogrammetry

  • 3D Modeling

  • Spatial Audio

  • Technical Art

  • UI/UX Design

Augmented Reality
Use Cases in Industry

Accelerate business results with AR Consulting Services.

Augmented Reality in automotive industry improves customer experience and safety.
Augmented  Reality Apps let users customise cars, digitally test drive them, and use augmented windscreens to improve driving safety.

Maintenance and Repairs Carried Out

Make it easier for users to perform basic maintenance activities on their own with the help of AR and provide them with contextual coaching. Make it possible for repairmen to single out worn or broken components. Make installation easier by displaying installation instructions specific to the context of the device being installed.

Driver Safety Management

Comfort and safety can be maximised while on the road with the help of augmented reality (AR), which can display information such as navigation arrows, distance to the next turn, and speed right on the windscreen inside the driver's field of view. Leverage Protect yourself and your passengers with full-windshield, AI-powered head-up displays.

AR Instructions and Manuals

Make it easier for drivers to perform routine maintenance tasks, such changing the air filter, by providing them with relevant information via augmented reality systems. Displaying easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials can help drivers make quicker and more effective use of the car's advanced features.

Virtual Reality
Use Cases in the Business World

Increase productivity with Virtual Reality Consulting Services.

Virtual reality to improve customer service and user safety in the automotive industry.
Build virtual reality (VR) apps that let people customise car models, ride along in simulated vehicles, and view the road through augmented windscreens to make driving safer for everyone.

Designing and Virtual Prototyping

Create a digital model of the vehicle's exterior and make adjustments based on that. Using virtual reality (VR), workers in different places can collaborate on updating a car's exterior in real time.

Testing Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Virtual reality (VR) combined with testing software is the future of training self-driving automobiles. Use tools for visualisation and modelling of distributed parallel computations, interactive editing, importing databases, transforming 3D geometries, and so on. Observe and remember the road conditions. Put vehicles through their paces in any environment you can imagine.

Training Workers for Car Assembly

Educate future automotive industry engineers. Permit employees to get knowledge in a risk-free online setting. Use virtual reality (VR) and other technologies to safely place assembly professionals in simulated hazardous environments and teach them to respond under pressure to a variety of scenarios.

VR Test Driving

Use virtual reality to aid clients in selecting a vehicle, personalising its features, and taking a spin in a virtual model. Let buyers discover firsthand the improvements over previous versions. Get your customers to check out several add-ons so they can pick the finest ones for their new ride.

VR Car Showrooms

Assist buyers in personalising any vehicle make and model. Use cutting-edge technology like virtual reality to help consumers picture their customised vehicle before making decisions like colour and trim.

Hire AR & VR developers

Our team of AR & VR experts works with other new technologies to produce innovative reality solutions that streamline business operations, increase productivity in the workplace, and automate once manual tasks.



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Our mission at MERCID is to help our clients gain long-term competitive advantage through innovation, change and operational excellence. To realize our mission, We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.


Company growth requires a deep focus on delivery, quality, development and projects. Our knowledge goes beyond the technology. We bring together the world's best technology and a human approach to help clients optimize their business processes. We deliver results at the supreme standards and are internationally recognized within the industry.

Our vision to be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.​

To be most trusted and employee based professional firm recognized by our EMPLOYEES for best company to work with.

Our Mission Is to Empower

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