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Contingent Staffing

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Our Proficient Contingent Staffing group helps client to find the “Talent diamonds in the rough” at minimal time

If you need a Work force for a month or an entire team for a priority project, We can help.

Understanding the benefits of contigent staffing strategy gives hiring managers the opportunity to maximize internal skill sets and personalities to drive growth and improvement. As the economy strengthens, organizations that leverage the assets of their people will see the greatest success.

Common Situations in Today’s Business Environment

  1. Do you have a hiring freeze now that prohibits you from hiring someone?

  2. Do you have a deadline or special project that you need completed?

  3. Do you need to reduce tax risks associated with independent contractors?

  4. Do you want to evaluate a candidate’s skills prior to offering direct employment?

  5. Do you want to avoid layoffs and bad press?

Business Presentation

We Can Help

Your company needs top talent to compete in today’s economy. Our Proficient Contingent Staffing Team will deliver exceptional candidates who bring genuine value to your business.

Lets get Started

For Immediate Technology Needs

Most specialized IT projects demand the need for up-to-date technology experience. Contract consultants constantly move from different projects, industries and companies, which diversifies their skills and experience. Many times, permanent employees lose their edge as new technology training isn’t part of their ongoing career strategy.

Mixing contractors with full-time staff is practical if you can find broad, specific or deep experience in a contractor that your team may not possess. Receiving extra help will make your team more efficient by decreasing time spent on solving a technology issue and save you money once the project is complete and the contract is completed.

Try before you buy

Many times an employer has a permanent position to fill but wants to be sure the right person gets the job. In these instances, a contract-to-hire approach allows the hiring manager to see a candidate’s skill set in action and test strengths and work ethic, ensuring the right hiring decision. This is one of the most common reasons why organizations use the contract-to-hire approach.

Employing the right staff and retaining the right people is crucial to the success of your business. Mercid will help you hire permanent staff that will fit right in with the rest of your team.

Anyone can match resumes with job descriptions. At Mercid we use guided conversations to get to know your company personally. We learn about your company’s culture, about its group and design style, and about the position you are seeking to fill. We identify what makes your company unique. Mercid then develops a detailed client profile that helps us quickly locate the right talent for you.

Our detailed, personalized screening process enables our Mercid recruiters to identify the ideal candidates for the position. By getting it right the first time, Mercid helps clients streamline the interview process, reduce turnover, and increase productivity.

Beyond simple staffing, Mercid makes sure that the most talented professionals—including those who are not actively seeking a new position—become aware of the benefits of working for your company. We find talent, and we help talent find you.

The advantage of hiring Mercid recruiters is that you can find extraordinary talent that is not easily reached through traditional hiring methods.

Mercid has constantly built a Strong Referral network every day and throughout the years has worked hard to establish trusted relationships with employers and consultants nationwide.


As a result, we have constructed a massive database of contacts in all practice areas; we will be much quicker turnaround and the absolute best access to know where to look for your specific needs, industry experience, skill set, or knowledge.

Job interview

Working with us will guarantee that the BEST TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL   will work for you and not your competitor!

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