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​MERCID provides modern and using latest ideas and methods of software engineering services across a variety of technologies and industries. With advanced tools and technologies and engineering expertise we build smooth and approachable interfaces and design experiences to help clients across industries bring intuitive solutions to life and create experiences that matter.


Our Software engineering talent services span the entire range of activities involved in taking a product vision from concept to market reality - from defining the product idea and visualizing it to releasing a finished product that exceeds user expectations - all done within highly competitive time frames.

Our software engineering services

End-to-end development

We leverage the best software engineering solutions to create scalable product architectures and deliver complex, integrated systems working with various data types and sources

Solution implementation

We completely prepare the production environment, deploy the solution, perform a full cycle of testing, check integrations, and launch the product to start user onboarding and training

Performance engineering

We design applications with performance and scalability in mind, capable of enduring high load and remaining completely operational and responsive under any conditions

Quality control

Software engineering and quality control are connected and we ensure that every part of code or feature is 100% tested for functional and non-functional requirements

Application development

We build and deploy applications using the most fit and capable stack of technologies and the best software engineering and development practices

Quality control automation

We completely automate quality assurance processes by implementing test automation frameworks, writing complex test scripts, and enabling CI/CD workflows.



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