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Data and Analytics Engineering

With our expertise in data engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning engineering, you can use your data to acquire relevant insights in real time and create excellent client experiences.

Only 14% of businesses that have begun digital transitions can point to significant and lasting gains in performance.

Connecting Dots

With the help of data engineering and analytics services, data may be transferred quickly and accurately from its points of origin to its final destinations.

Businesses may improve revenue creation, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency by making educated, data-driven decisions.

Organizations are struggling through their architectural selections since there are so many ways to go about this process. Moreover, the "obvious decision" is not necessarily the best option for your company most of the time.

Mercid experts can guide you through the maze of available commercial and open source solutions to find the one that best fits your data engineering and analytics requirements.

Data and Analytics Services

Outcome-oriented services for data and analytics can help you streamline your processes.


Data Engineering Solutions

Multi-source data engineering for data-driven transformation

Data floods organisations and grows by the minute. Companies must establish data pipelines to transform and transfer data for data scientists and other end-users to maximise data value. Organizations can develop commercial value from gathered data, provide excellent customer service, and stay ahead in today's competitive global market as data quantities grow.

Data engineering improves data usability and accessibility. We help our clients gather data requirements, preserve metadata, secure and govern data, and process data according to their needs.

Mercid customises data monetization and optimization for firms. Data mining and good data foundations yield insights. We aim to remove fundamental barriers to scaling and data-savvy rivalry.

We Help :

  • Create data pipelines (ETL and ELT)

  • Create API-based data products.

  • Manage data quality


Data Analytics Services

Boost the usefulness of your data with analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Dark data is likely in your company. Dark data is unutilized data from linked devices, commerce, social media, and more. AI and automation may cause data exhaust.

Are you waiting to discover these hidden opportunities? Imagine intelligent technologies being fed insights to make faster, better decisions to accelerate innovation or 360-degree customer views to enhance relevance and revenue. Data Analytics from Indium can help.

Indium Software provides data analytics and insights services to organisations looking to maximise data value.

Advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies help us analyse data and gain insights.


BI & Data Modernization Solutions

For improved operational efficiency, new revenue streams, and customer relationships, monetize and visualise your data.

Businesses must keep up with data management trends. Data modernisation works best when a company's data management strategy matches its business plan. Our large-scale data transformation experience and Cloud Data & Analytics Competency accelerate data modernization.

Data engineering transforms and enriches data for downstream analytics.

We access data from several sources, find and repair errors, eliminate duplicates, and disambiguate to give high-quality, enriched data for decision-making.

Our data analytics team creates tailored solutions to speed up data analysis and reporting, reduce attrition, boost productivity, and more.


AI/ML Solutions

Insights well beyond what is immediately apparent can be gleaned from your data using sophisticated machine learning technologies.

As part of our artificial intelligence and machine learning offerings, we develop algorithms with the ability to learn and improve their own performance over time. Without the need for human involvement, machine learning algorithms can quickly and accurately analyse data and draw conclusions.

We can help you identify AI-related possibilities and clear the way for groundbreaking AI developments. Incorporating our knowledge of software engineering and applied artificial intelligence, you may build systems capable of performing human-level tasks in any environment.

The future is the same for all businesses regardless of where they now are on the COTS - Engineered solutions spectrum.

- the time pressure that comes from having to handle problems quickly while yet providing valuable knowledge to the consumer.

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Businesses can now make smart and timely decisions using the vast amount of unstructured data at their disposal. Big Data and Analytics Solutions from Indium assist organisations in delivering the right insights at the right time.

Through a variety of solutions such as Advanced Analytics, Data Discovery, and Visualization, Indium can solve business problems and aid decision making.



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Our mission at MERCID is to help our clients gain long-term competitive advantage through innovation, change and operational excellence. To realize our mission, We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.


Company growth requires a deep focus on delivery, quality, development and projects. Our knowledge goes beyond the technology. We bring together the world's best technology and a human approach to help clients optimize their business processes. We deliver results at the supreme standards and are internationally recognized within the industry.

Our vision to be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.​

To be most trusted and employee based professional firm recognized by our EMPLOYEES for best company to work with.

Our Mission Is to Empower

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