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MERCID believes the journey towards Smart Industry will be led by rapid digitalisation - connecting products, machines and people using new-age technologies. Technology and talent are important pillars for the creation of these digitally enabled smart industries and will be detrimental deciding who emerges as a leader in the new smarter, connected world.

Organizations are facing numerous technology challenges with their strategic digital initiatives:

  • Lack of digitalization strategy

  • Lack of technology infrastructure

  • Shorter innovation cycles

  • Technology integration challenges

  • Challenges to implement at scale


Having the right technology infrastructure, and expertise to strategize and build a Smart Industry roadmap is critical to organizational success, as well as a strong implementation partner that knows the industry.

MERCID with its cross-industry technology and digital engineering expertise is strategically positioned to help our clients deploy their digital technology roadmaps, develop innovative products faster, and create new business opportunities.

Our advanced technology services

The inventiveness to foster innovation and accelerate transformation.

Big data engineering

Gain complete and undivided control over your cloud data environment and orchestrate multiple concurrent data pipelines with unprecedented effectiveness

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Internet of Things

Manage fleets of connected devices, capture multiple data streams, analyze them, and use your findings to streamline your business processes

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Artificial intelligence

Connect the virtually unlimited power of lightning-fast, self-learning algorithms for computer vision, voice recognition, and real-time data analysis

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Robotic process automation

Take gain of profound automation frameworks to speed up your workflows, increase their throughput, boost data processing accuracy, and keep risks at bay

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Big data

  • Big data solution design

  • Data collection and transformation

  • Data pipeline setup and orchestration

Artificial intelligence

  • Creation of custom ML models

  • Dataset creation, classification, and labeling

  • Neural network training and refinement

Internet of Things

  • End-to-end IoT system development

  • Low-level IoT security

  • Deployment and support of IoT systems

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • RPA-enablement of existing workflows

  • Development of RPA bots of any complexity

  • Creation of enterprise-wide automation frameworks



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